Atlantic Diving Supply Receives 176 Million Contract 


Rocketing to Economic Growth in a Whole New Way

Spending money to save lives

The modern face of war is quite different than in the past. It's quite obvious that war is seldom an enjoyable prospect. Nobody who's served in one or been impacted by it will be happy about the concept. Even a just battle leaves scars in a wide variety of different ways. It can take a toll on family, landscape and even minds. This is one of the reasons why modern technology is having such an important impact on battle. New technologies allow for faster victories. This also sheds some light on why the industry has so much invested in it. It's a rare investment which will almost certainly save lives. Even donating money to medical research is a bit of a gamble. But development and research into military technology can save hundreds or even hundreds of thousands of people rather quickly. This all goes to show why people shouldn't be surprised by recent news. The Atlantic Diving Supply Receives 176 Million Contract and people wonder why. But looking at the value of a human life puts those numbers into perspective.

A one man army

The idea of an army of one can be used in a number of different ways. But in the context of this contract one can think of it in terms of overall effectiveness. Even a well trained soldier wouldn't normally be a match against an enclosed bunker. He'd be equally unable to tackle a tank on his own. Both situations would require a large amount of people to disable the threat. But the contract provides soldiers with rocket launchers that can make them the match of quite formidable opposition. For example, the rocket launchers will let someone push through even a heavily fortified bunker. It's also powerful enough to take down a well armored tank. These concepts and more all show ways in which well armed military forces can quickly put an end to conflicts.